The source said Trump and Bar had a “controversial” meeting at the White House this week

The source said Trump and Bar had a "controversial" meeting at the White House this week

Several people familiar with his reaction said the interview set off his boss.

Although the press secretary said Wednesday she was not aware if Trump and Barr met when he was at the White House on Tuesday, the source described the meeting as controversial but said the president was not shouting at a bar.

The Justice Ministry appeared to be trying to compensate for the damage, and issued a statement on Tuesday hours after Barr’s comments to the Associated Press claiming that it had not concluded its investigation into election fraud and thus did not “announce a confirmed conclusion that there was no election fraud.”

A spokesman for the Ministry of Justice did not officially speak: “The ministry will continue to receive and follow up all specific and reliable allegations of fraud as soon as possible.”

ABC News reported for the first time Tense White House meeting.
Trump was deeply disappointed with Bar Long before the interview but he said it only added to his anger. Two White House officials said that while Trump had certainly considered firing Barr, several people had advised him not to.

Whether he will eventually do that is anyone’s guess.

Trump remains sensitive about firing someone in character like a bar after his downfall from sacking FBI Director James Comey. Trump was concerned about the legal fallout once out of office, and sacking the attorney general could pose more problems for him.

Barr’s comments to the AP are the latest official reprimand from Republicans over the president’s allegations of widespread fraud in his loss to Joe Biden.

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Bar said, “So far, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have had a different result in the elections.”

Echoing Trump’s claims that voting by mail was not safe, Barr said that both the Justice Department and the Department of Homeland Security had looked into the fraud allegations and appeared blank.

Two attorneys working with Trump quickly rejected Barr’s assessment on Tuesday, repeating their claim that they had “sufficient evidence of illegal voting in at least six states,” which they say the attorney general is not aware of.

“Barr’s opinion appears to have had no knowledge or investigation of material wrongdoing and evidence of systematic fraud,” lawyers Rudy Giuliani and Gina Ellis said in a statement.

The attorneys have yet to show any evidence to support their claims, which have been dismissed by multiple courts in states across the country, and their efforts will soon reach a dead end with a number of states – including Michigan’s major states of Georgia and Pennsylvania – that have approved or are close to ratifying. Their results.

A few prominent Republican officials have also rejected allegations of widespread voter fraud, including Arizona Gov. Doug Dossi, who said earlier this week that his state elections were safe, eliciting condemnation from the president.

Last week, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp and Georgia’s Secretary of State rejected Trump’s calls for them to cancel the state election results, saying their elections were safe too.

Trump’s main frustration with BAR coupled with his failure to support Trump’s allegations of fraud is the lack of a report from John Durham. Trump and his senior White House staff had the impression it would release before the election, and Trump repeatedly asked people, “Where is she?”

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Evan Perez of CNN, Jim Acosta, and Devan Cole contributed to this report.

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