Trump-appointed judge heard his case overturn Biden’s win, dismissing it entirely on the merits

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President Trump told Fox News correspondent Brian Kilmid on Saturday, in a clip broadcast on Sunday, that no judges had “the courage” to allow his attorneys and allies to defend his unfounded claims that the election was specifically “stolen”. He criticizes the US Supreme Court For refusing to “go into the evidence” of his cases due to “a few technical details, such as something called standing.”

In fact, several courts have offered to hear pro-Trump attorneys argue their case, and US District Judge Brett Ludwig in Wisconsin. Drop those most recent cases in a. Saturday. “The current president, who did not win in his attempt at re-election, requested assistance from the Federal Court in setting the popular vote aside on the basis of the disputed issues in the election administration, issues that it was clear he could have raised before the vote took place,” Ludwig BooksOne of Trump’s appointees. “This court allowed the plaintiff the opportunity to file his case and lost the merits. In the summary of his response, the plaintiff requested” to follow the rule of law. “

The “most telling aspect” of Ludwig’s ruling is not that “the refusal was by a judge appointed by Trump” or “it was on the merits.” Andrew McCarthy argues in National Review. It is when Ludwig notices that “on the morning of the hearing, the parties They reached agreement on a set of facts stipulatedMeaning, “There was no actual disagreement between the Trump team and Wisconsin state officials about the relevant facts of the case.”

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In other words, McCarthy wrote: “It wasn’t there.” “Although the country was told for weeks that this was the most fraudulent election in history, the campaign did not think it was worth calling a single witness. Despite the opportunity for a hearing before a Trump nominated who was willing to give the campaign much a chance to prove Her case, the campaign said, “Don’t care.” And he adds, “This isn’t the first time the campaign has evaded the opportunity to prove its allegations of stealing elections in court.” In Wisconsin, as in Pennsylvania and Michigan, “every time the court gives him a chance. To prove what he’s promoting on Twitter, Trump’s team is pulling out. ” Read more about Ludwig’s ruling on the site National Review.

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