Trump drops the names while Republicans like Mitch McConnell, Susan Collins start jumping on the ship

Trump drops the names while Republicans like Mitch McConnell, Susan Collins start jumping on the ship

Over the past few weeks, Donald Trump His allies have kept a close eye on the prominent conservatives that the president believes are preparing to throw him under the bus in case he loses his attempt. Re-election.

Two people who spoke to Trump said the president had expressed doubts that his party members believed he would be defeated by Facebook Joe Biden. This feeling of insanity was fueled by aides and close associates of the president, who reported having news coverage of Republican politicians either openly criticizing his behavior or trying to distance themselves from an impending electoral bloodbath.

According to a source with first-hand knowledge, the president is already considering revenge.

“[The president] He said something touching: If you are turning away from him now, don’t bother coming back to get a favor when he wins, ”said the other source.“ He made a comment about how there are some people you can only count on when things go your way. ”

Some of the bookmarked coverage of Trump includes recent stories about the majority leader in the Senate Mitch McConnell (R-KY), who not only broke with the president on coronavirus-related stimulus legislation, but also indicated that he hadn’t gone to the White House in weeks due to his arrogant approach to the pandemic.

Trump’s frictions with Republican senators don’t stop there. Last week, the President attacked Senator Susan Collins (a Republican from the Middle East) on Twitter over a “bad rumor” that she would oppose his Supreme Court nominee, Amy Cooney Barrett. Of the endangered job incumbent, he said: “It’s not worth the job!”

This underestimation was met with sighs among Trump’s strategists, who indicated that it was not at all necessary: ​​he already had enough votes to confirm Barrett.

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Moreover, there is a strong suspicion inside Trump’s inner campus that the office of Senator Ben Sassi (a Republican from the Northeast) leaked the contents of a call he made with his voters and rebuked the president for embracing the dictators and failing to condemn the conspirators. Trump’s anger over the call was compounded on Saturday with another Twitter attack.

Then there is Senator Mitt Romney (a Republican from Utah), who issued two recent statements targeting what he describes as a devastating shift in national politics. Notable in those statements was his condemnation of Trump and little in the way he criticized Biden.

“You hate seeing him,” said former Representative Jack Kingston (a Republican from Georgia), who has served for years as a Trump administration official, but being on Capitol Hill, one great way to gain attention is to speak out against your party. alternative. Ben Sassi is a smart guy and I’m sorry he decided this is the right time to go. [but] I don’t know how it helps in the case of swing [Republicans] Either … but you still don’t see the ideological people break. If Ralph Reid said, “Well, I’m out here,” that would be different.

However, those who indicate that they are ready to hop on the ship already include some of the major players in conservative politics. One of the president’s most powerful and influential confidants, media billionaire Rupert Murdoch, was telling his aides that he believed Biden would win an overwhelming majority, much like The Daily Beast. mentioned last week. Murdoch specifically said that he was pushed back by the president’s mismanagement of the COVID-19 crisis.

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