Trump’s false election fraud allegedly split Republicans

Trump's false election fraud allegedly split Republicans

Washington – Republican reaction to President Trump Baseless allegations The cases of widespread election fraud on Friday ranged from strong agreement to blunt condemnations, and from some carefully crafted statements in support of the idea of ​​fair elections without any support for the president’s fabricated assertions of an electoral plot.

“Here’s how this should work in our great country: Every legal vote should count,” said Senator Mitch McConnell, Kentucky Republican and majority leader, He wrote on Twitter Friday morning. Any ballot papers presented illegally should not. All parties must monitor the process. The courts are here to enforce the laws and resolve disputes. “

“This is how the American votes decide the outcome,” he added.

A notable absentee from Mr. McConnell’s statement was any indication that the Democrats were stealing the election through a detailed national conspiracy that included pollsters and news media, as Mr. Trump asserted without any evidence in Itinerant press conference Thursday. It also tacitly rejected Mr Trump’s fruitless calls to halt the counting of votes in states where he was threatened or his early leads canceled.

in a Scathing statementSenator Mitt Romney of Utah said that while Mr. Trump, while free to request a recount and provide valid evidence of fraud, “it is wrong to say that the elections were rigged, corrupt, and stolen – doing so weakens the cause of freedom here and around the world, weakens the institutions that lie within Foundations of the republic, and recklessly fueling destructive and dangerous sentiments. “

Mr Trump and his hard-line allies have also confirmed this Vote in Pennsylvania – as his early leadership evaporated over ex-vice president Joseph Biden Jr. Friday – he was so corrupt, Republican senator for that state, Patrick J. Tommy, denounced Mr Trump’s allegations.

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“The president’s speech last night was very disturbing to me because he made very serious allegations without any evidence to support them,” Mr. Tommy To CBS This Morning.

He added, “I am not aware of any major fraud or any major violations.”

Some Republicans appear ready to defend Mr Trump’s position without reservation.

“President Trump won this election,” Representative Kevin McCarthy of California told Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham Thursday night. “So whoever is listening: Don’t be quiet. Don’t be silent about this. We cannot allow this to happen before our eyes.”

Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas claimed, without evidence, that poll observers were unable to watch the vote count. Tweet on a link To Mr. Trump’s Legal Defense Fund, with the headline in capital letters, “Democrats will try to steal this election.”

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Even to Fox News That if Mr. Trump is denied what he called a “fair” count, then state legislatures could consider “remedies,” indicating that they might address Their constituents To vote against the winner of their state elections.

But other Republican rulers were less supportive. Deputy Governor of Utah, now Governor-elect, Spencer Cox said “There is nothing outrageous about taking a few days to count all legitimate votes.” Vermont Gov. Phil Scott, who voted for Biden, described Mr Trump’s comments on Thursday.Too shameful. “

Even Mr. Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, is in Superficially supportive tweet on Friday morningNo claims of fraud or theft of the elections were made.

Every vote cast must be legally counted. Voting must not be done illegally. Ms Trump wrote, “This should not be controversial.” This is not a partisan statement – free and fair elections are the foundation of our democracy.

Her words contradicted those of her two brothers, Donald Trump Jr and Eric Trump, who drew sweeping charges of fraud on a large scale. Earlier in the morning, Donald Trump Jr. The unfounded claim tweeted There is “infinite evidence of voter fraud more than ever before of” Russia’s complicity, “but it is strange that no one in the media wants to look into the matter.

Mrs. Trump’s position was also echoed Thursday evening by Vice President Mike Pence, shortly after the president’s speech, which also did not include talk of conspiracy or fraud.

“I stand with President realDonaldTrump. We must count every legal vote,” Mr. Pence tweeted.

John R Bolton, a former national security adviser who has since ruthlessly left the White House last summer a critic of Trump, has indirectly denounced his former boss anonymously.

“Republicans face a personality test,” Mr. Bolton wrote on Twitter. “All candidates are entitled to pursue appropriate remedies under the election law if they have evidence to support their claims. They certainly should not lie. The first Republican president was called” Sadika Abe “for a reason.”

Friday’s comments came on the heels of a wave of Republican reactions Thursday evening, including some defenses against Mr. Trump.

Senator Lindsay Graham of South Carolina said, “I don’t trust Philadelphia.” Also on Fox News, In reference to the city where voters overwhelmingly chose Mr. Biden, helping to stamp out Mr. Trump’s early advance. “I’m here tonight to stand by President Trump,” he said, echoing Mr. Trump’s claim that the “mainstream” pollsters have inflated the Democrats “to suppress the Republican vote.”

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But many top Republicans have at least indirectly criticized Mr Trump, even after Mr Trump’s son and his previous campaign manager. Complained publicly More Republicans have not come forward to defend the beleaguered president.

“Counting every vote is at the core of democracy,” Mr. Romney said Night Books Before his most powerful statement on Friday.

“There is no defense of the president’s statements tonight that undermine our democratic process.” chirp Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, a Republican and a constant critic of Trump. “There is no election or person more important than our democracy.”

Many Republicans note that there is no specific evidence of material wrongdoing.

“If a candidate believes that a country is violating election laws, he has the right to challenge that in court and present evidence to support his claims,” chirp Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, who republished a message on Wednesday in which he said: “Spending days on legal counting of votes is not fraud. Appealing to court against votes cast after the legal voting deadline is not repression.”

Without naming Mr. Trump, Representative Adam Kinzinger is from Illinois chirp That “if you have legitimate concerns about fraud, bring the evidence and bring it to court. Stop spreading revealing misinformation.”

“This is crazy,” he added.

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